Government & Regulatory Investigations | Williamsville, Cheektowaga, & Buffalo NY

Each year, the regulatory environment for individuals and businesses gets more and more complex. When the Justice Department, Attorney General's Office, or a state or federal regulatory agency targets you or your business, it is intimidating. Unlike you or your business, these government entities have unlimited budgets and unlimted time to investigate you. This unfair advantage can be daunting.

A prolonged investigation can damage your reputation, causing you to lose business and other opportunities. Defending against the government can cost you enormous sums of money in litigation. If you are cited for a violation, such a finding can lead to criminal prosecution, civil lawsuits, exhorbitant regulatory and adminstrative fines, and disbarment from government contracting. Given all of these costs (and the negative reprocussions that can follow), you must move quickly and formulate a stratgey to prevail or minimize the damage. I can assist you and your business with that.

Experienced Former Federal Prosecutor.

Formulating an effective defense begins with knowing the government's playbook. For eight years as a prosecutor, I directed investigations into complex crimes and regulatory and adminstrative violations. I taught law enforcement agents and regulators their tactics, techniques, and procedures. I tried criminal cases before judges and juries. I presented cases before administraive law judges, hearing officers, and panels. I know where investigators and regulators cut corners. I quickly can identify the weaknesses in the government's case. My experience as a former prosecutor lends you an advantage from the beginning.

Aggressive defense.

Prosecutors and law enforcement officers are relentless in their pursuit of you. If you want to prevail over the government, then you need an attorney who will work harder and faster than the government. Employing innovation, superior research, and compelling, passionate advocacy, I will work harder than the government to secure a favorable outcome in your case.

Skilled negotiator.

Sometimes, you or your business may have committed a violation. Sometimes, defending against spurious government allegations may not make sense given the time and money required to resolve your case. In either context, you need a lawyer who can negotiate a settlement with the government that is favorable, fair, and permits you to move on. If this is the strategy you require, then I can assist you with implementing it. Whether your negotiated settlement involves an admission of wrongdoing or not, I will do my best to protect you, your interests, and your financial position.

"Big" law firm capability, no ridiculous fees.

Often, individuals and businesses feel it is necessary to hire a "big" law firm to help defend themselves and their company against the government. Hiring the biggest and oldest law firm in town comes with what you expect: multiple lawyers charging hundreds of dollars per an hour on your matter, buearocracy and inefficiency, and exhorbitant bills. You will not get that at Singer Legal PLLC. As a small business owner, I understand the importance of the bottom line. I incorporate technology into my practice to drive efficiency. I keep my overhead low. I partner with other lawyers, experts, and para-professionals who embody the same values. As a savvy individual/business owner, why would you choose to partner with a bloated entity that is incapable of innovating its practice to strech your hard-earned dollar to the fullest?

Let's put my experience to work for you today.