Experience you can rely on when you need it most.

With more than a decade of experience representing clients and entities throughout criminal, regulatory, and administrative investigations as well as during employee misconduct probes as a defense counsel, prosecutor, and general counsel, I know what a proper investigation looks like. I know how to build and deconstruct a case. I know how to present a compelling, passionate case at a trial or an administrative hearing. I know what matters to decision-makers whether they be judges, juries, military commanders, regulators, or business executives. We can leverage that experience to investigate your matter thoroughly. We will conquer your legal problem together.

A lawyer who listens.

You are not just hiring someone to communicate with the other side - you need someone who you can talk to about your problems, concerns, and fears. You want someone who is approachable. Many lawyers talk over you. I do not. I take time to listen to you and understand your problems.

Honest answers using plain language.

To make informed decisions about what to do, you need to understand your options. You need to know what will happen if you choose to proceed in a certain way. This requires straight talk. I am honest about your probability of success and failure. I explain things to you in a way you can understand. I am not a robot. I am a person who cares about you and your case.

No nonsense billing.

Spending money on legal fees means not spending money on something else. Unlike a large firm - whose sole objective is to bill as much as possible to your file - I am conscious of that. From the beginning, I develop a realistic budget for your case. I am willing to work with you on fees. I am open to payment plans. I work hard to keep on time and on budget.

Let's put my experience to work for you today.