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The criminal possession of a gun can carry serious penalties. Additionally, having a firearm present during a crime worsens the charges for situations like robbery or assault. Singer Legal PLLC can represent you if you're facing firearm charges in Williamsville, NY. Rob Singer has represented clients involved in these situations for years.

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What is criminal possession of a weapon?

What is criminal possession of a weapon?

Criminal possession of a firearm is a common gun charge. There are many different instances that can fall into this category, including:

  • Carrying a firearm onto a school campus
  • Carrying a firearm if convicted of a felony
  • Possessing a firearm when deemed uncertified to do so

An attorney can help you understand the scope of the charges you're facing and determine a way to move forward with your situation. Contact a defense attorney now if you have any questions about gun charges or firearm charges.

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